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  • Macworth's Restored 1984 250R Sells for Nearly $12,000

    The beautiful machine we brought to you last month for part 3 of our Macworth collection special recently sold on Ebay, as we brought you the listing first thing here on 3WW. The machine sold for a whopping $11,700, with a total of 36 bids. We think it's safe to say three wheeler collecting is a big deal and here to stay! Stay tuned for next week, when we bring you our 4th and final part of the Macworth collection, his first generation 250R.
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    1. Todd Linna's Avatar
      Todd Linna -
      I have a 1983 Honda 250R and it is very close to this sweet '84's condition.
    1. pertht3's Avatar
      pertht3 -
      i have a 84 custom better than factory
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