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  • The Final Part Of MacWorth's Collection: The World's Finest 1981 ATC250R

    After a long awaited arrival, the worlds most NOS first generation 250R we've ever seen is here and it's absolutely mind blowing.

    Well here it is everyone, arguably one of the worldís finest 1981 ATC250Rís. This machineis owned by John MacDonald, owner of MacWorth-Vintage ATVís (link) in Maine. Johnís passion for 3 wheelers all began as a young boy when he rode his first 3 wheeler at age 11, his friends 1984 ATC110. Since then, his passion for 3 wheelers has evolved into a business devoted to OEM original ATVís that that include some of the finest original ATVís of the 1980ís. John has earned a reputation of collecting and selling some of the finest original vintage ATVís in the world. His customers now range all over the USA, Canada, and overseas.

    Occasionally, and only at the hands of Vintage Motorsports, John will purchase a restored machine. In Johnís opinion, nothing beats original. However, the meticulous detail and passion for which Mike Palmgren crafts his restoration work is without equal. This particular Ď81 250R included a very extensive NOS & OEM parts list. Parts were collected over the course of several years by the projects originator and 3WW member, Bill Kowal. It was then meticulously prepared and assembled at Vintage Motorsports in Massachusetts for itís second owner who died tragically in a snowmobile crash last winter.

    It is now a complete machine and one that commands attention. The history and lineage of Hondaís ATC250R line is unrivaled and this example stands alone. We hope you enjoy the story and photos of this beautiful 250R and encourage you to LIKE MacWorth on Facebook. Here you will see Johnís beautiful inventory and private collection of OEM original ATVís, literature, and accessories. We just might see a few of Johnís OEM original machines here on 3WW later this yearÖstay tuned and enjoy!

    nventory:All of the following are new factory parts:

    1. Factory rear fender (found on a dealer shelf in the Honda wrapper and in the box)
    2. Factory front fender
    3. Factory Headlight shell
    4. Front hub
    5. headlight mounting bracket
    6. tail light assembly.
    7. Chain Guide
    8. Gas cap
    9. Factory fuel tank labels...not repros
    10. Factory Rear fender decals...not repros
    11. Shifter and rubber
    12. Tool box
    13. Tool kit
    14. Mudflaps
    15. Mudflap mounts
    16. Factory front sprocket
    17. Rear hubs..pair
    18. Factory rear sprocket
    19. Wire harness
    20. Rear skid plate
    21. Front caliper
    22. Honda brake pads front and rear
    23. 961 Honda factory grips
    24. New factory switches...both of them
    25. Front axle
    26. Passion red rear drum assembly
    27. Rear brake pedal
    28. All exhaust mounts
    29. Hondaline headlight guard
    30. All front brake hose guides
    31. Fork boots
    32. New carb intake
    33. Rear drum cable lever
    34. Clutch perch
    35. Clutch and brake levers
    36. Sprocket cover
    37. Factory red stator cover
    38. Factory red clutch cover
    39. Factory red left engine case
    40. Factory red right engine case
    41. Several new gold rim wheel halves
    42. Cylinder exhaust stay
    43. NOS black engine gaskets...new are green
    44. Master cylinder parts
    45. New factory red case saver
    46. Tons of new Rubbers
    47. All new cables
    48. Tons of new factory bolts
    49. Rear grab bar

    50. Engine skid plate

    The refinished parts to NOS quality include,

    Handle bars, building and refinishing parts on the NOS engine, factory exhaust, building/refinishing the wheels, fuel tank, frame, heat shield, swingarm, Front forks, rear shock, axle, foot pegs and many more smaller brackets, mount, bolts.....to much to list.....powder, painting, polishing, and plating.

    As promised, here are all the respective photos of the completed machine! This machine was previewed here on 3WW many years ago, and has only surfaced now.

    Comments 10 Comments
    1. atc300r's Avatar
      atc300r -
      This is very nice.Back in 08.I bought a nos motor from ebay.This motor would have been perfect for this trike.
    1. phantomtracer's Avatar
      phantomtracer -
      what parts were powder coated?
      I didn't think the factory did powder coating.
      Amazing work!!!!
    1. wpginterceptor's Avatar
      wpginterceptor -
      where do I find the original 250 decal on the gas tank?
    1. twowheeldrew's Avatar
      twowheeldrew -
      Hey all, for those interested, i have a nearly 100% original, fully documented, almost flawless 1981 ATC250R just posted to Ebay. The images and documentation speak for itself. Just off the showroom floor, rode for a couple of short rides here and there but mostly sitting for 34 years. Contact me directly if you have questions.

    1. twowheeldrew's Avatar
      twowheeldrew -
      For those interested, i just posted a near flawless original and fully documented 1981 ATC250R. You can take a look at the ebay auction to get more info or reach out to me on this board to chat about the bike and get more info or arrange a showing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/191534536683...6683&viewitem=
    1. Orangecnty250r's Avatar
      Orangecnty250r -
      This machine looks absolutely phenomenal. I passed the torch some time ago to pursue my other rare builds. Countless hours were spent acquiring these parts. I called every dealer in Canada one winter, Pete overseas was a great help and that one little dealer down South had a great number of parts before I cleaned them out. Mike at Vintage did top notch work. I remember the day he delivered the parts to my house. I set them all up in my great room ( the famous photos). Much of it was assembled here at my place 80 % then it went back to Mikes to be finished after I sold it. When I set out to do this I wanted a tribute to a historically significant machine that started the 250r craze. I am glad to see it done and in all of its glory!!! RIP Norm!
    1. korcon's Avatar
      korcon -
      Beautiful job on the restoration. I also have an 81 250R nearly all original except for rear wheels, a few chromed parts and exhaust. I have owned it for over 30 years and spent many hours riding it. Fast bike, a beauty to ride.
    1. toddw05's Avatar
      toddw05 -
      I have a original 1981 250r, I need to paint the rims and get some new tires. Where can I get the same or similar original tires and what is the paint code (would a 1985 250r swing arm arm have the same paint code??)????
    1. Frenchie's Avatar
      Frenchie -
      need a 75mm piston for this same bike
    1. chad t's Avatar
      chad t -
      I'm looking for the rebuild kit for a 1981 atc 250 converted to a 300, I have no idea what size the piston is, but if anyone knows where i can find one, that would be greatly appreciated.
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