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  • 3WW Parts Shop Re-launches April 27th

    When it started in 2011 I launched what I considered at the time kind of a hair brained idea to make a centralized location for all three-wheeler enthusiasts that manufactured their own parts to list their products. Performance modifications, reproductions of discontinued OEM parts were for the first time under one roof instead of scattered out among the forum and classifieds section. I've spent that time since then observing, notating, and watching what could be changed and tweaked to make the process easier and better for both buyers, and vendors.

    I started working on a "version 2.0" of the parts shop back in May of 2014. The details of which between here and there are not overly important, but I went through several different iterations of a design and software to run and try and get these changes and ideas I had into reality. So basically a full year later - Its ready.

    Notable changes and upgrades:

    • Completely changed and mobile friendly interface.

    You can use your cell phone or tablet to get on the site and find parts, as well as listing them from your mobile device. Besides the namesake, not much else is similar to the old shop. Its completely redesigned from top-to-bottom. Its a modern design that makes finding stuff easier since web traffic is trending towards all mobile devices now. I wanted you to be able to be working on a bike in the garage, hop on the shop, find what you were looking for, and order it from your phone without ever having to go to a real computer.

    • Unique product listing and specification criteria.

    In lesser terms, there are specific fields and information on the part listing pages specific to things in our little unique community. How many other parts websites have you ever ran across that had an OEM part # replacement field, or a way to link to the message board with specific discussion about the part? Our niche has specific and unique needs as far as product information. Different generations of the same machine have different years that parts do and do not interchange with. If the part is custom made, its important to know what the lead time until it ships is from the day its purchased. Differentiating between a common aftermarket component and something "community manufactured." The country of origin or where the part is made at, is also important. These are criteria and things that separate us from the usual online parts store.

    • Used Parts Section.

    New for version 2.0 is a used parts section to help those of us that have a bunch of stuff in our garages and shops, but don't want to bother with a big name auction site.... The 3WW Parts Shop offers several advantages to listing quality used parts to other sites and locations.

    And much much more...

    My goal with the 3WW Parts shop is to make one location where most manufacturers of reproduction parts can have a universal location to list stuff, instead of having it scattered across the classifieds section, Facebook, eBay, and personal websites. List common aftermarket wearable components (brake pads, chains, sprockets, cables, you get the idea), and offer quality used parts from respectable vendors. Everyone benefits off of the additional traffic and eyes on the products, and the common rider will find stuff easier than having to dig through google, page after page on the forums, and God only knows where else to turn up what their looking for.

    Looking to add vendors for the launch on April 27th!

    Currently working with existing sellers and pre-loading the store with inventory for the launch date of April 27th, which will get a lot of marketing and exposure at that time, so its best to get your stuff in there from the get-go and be ready at the launch date.

    If you are currently making some reproduction parts, or would like to list parts in the store as vendor, please give me a shout and I can get you pointed in the right direction. hondaatc@gmail.com is the best way to get a hold of me, or a PM here on the website works as well.

    Thanks for your time,
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