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Special thank you to my new sponsors!

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Most of you here have seen my videos on youtube and know that I'm currently attending a film school where I will be getting degrees in digital video and film production. Three sponsors have stepped up recently in a way that will allow me to take this video making a step forward. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you. I look forward to creating more videos that will spotlight our sport and remind people that 3 wheelers are still the most fun off road vehicle ever made!

Without further delay, here are those three sponsors.

RPMGear.com : An online dealer specialing in action cameras such as the GoPro lineup, Contour and Drift. Awesome deals on cameras and accessories. Check them out!

GoPro Cameras : In my personal opinion, they make the best action camera in the world.

3WheelerWorld.com : I think you know about this one already?


  1. rasorroad250r's Avatar
    Good luck with school Doug, glad to see you taking it seriously. You'll do great! Oh yeah, we need to ride soon too, finially got my tecate dialed in.
  2. 3WheelinMan's Avatar
    , here I've been working as a Technical Coordinator/Master Control Operator at a local TV station for 15 years already and I never even thought of trying to get sponsors to help with my hobbies! Good for you man! I would love to get a lipstick cam on my helmet for my outings to post online instead of using a handheld unit but $$$ is tight everywhere right now as I'm sure you all know! Maybe Santa will bring me one!


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