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Billy Golightly

An 18 minute video of some hillclimbing action!

Rating: 5 votes, 2.80 average.


  1. Julle74's Avatar
    Awesome!!!! watched it like 5 times now. Really nice editing and music choise. Keep them comming. Thanx
  2. sp8twn's Avatar
  3. Swinger's Avatar
    Good shat!!!
  4. Bustos82's Avatar
    that is some awesome shiza....
  5. mudbogger's Avatar
    Very cool indeed. Music was very well matched to the scenes/climbs. Love the swinger welding scene with the old man watching, nice touch!
  6. tanks350x's Avatar
    cool video Billy!!!
  7. Upipen's Avatar
    took me right back to my childhood days! The Banshee wreck looked like it hurt!
  8. ditchmud's Avatar
    well done Billy
  9. tony1's Avatar
    Awesome video
  10. keggs17's Avatar
    that banshee isnt even tryin lol it ate all of those hills
  11. fla.boy's Avatar
    Awsome! Loved this video!!


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