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Billy Golightly

Yet another Hillclimbing video from November! (Short version with music)

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Check it out, leave a comment if you like it!


I've got about a 45minute one I'm working on that has minimal editing and no music since you guys comment sometimes you like it better to be able to hear the music. I am doing a little commentary along with the video in places, gonna take me a little bit to finish up and a ton of time to upload, but be looking for that one too


  1. lazybiker79's Avatar
    very cool video Billy!!
  2. 1tonofsh!t's Avatar
    Killing it with a 3 wheeler and showin' the 4 wheelers how to really ride! Nice dis-mount towards the end! haha Keep'em comin'

    BTW what camera is that, I'm looking to get one.

    BTW x2...Awsome Volbeat song! \m/
  3. Billy Golightly's Avatar
    The majority of that was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero (Original model, not the new Hero 2). And a little bit was filmed with a Fuji digital camera from walmart in video mode (~$150 when I bought it). Glad ya liked the video!
  4. 's Avatar
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  5. jaredc00's Avatar
    I just got done reading why three wheelers are illegal. In this video the three wheeler looks a lot safer cause when the rider jumps off, he doesn't have to dodge that front wheel. Looks like a better machine for climbing anyway!


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