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Billy Golightly

30 Minute long narrative video of the Florida three-wheeler hill climbs.

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As previously mentioned and promised, I finished and am presenting to you guys here the 30 minute long narrative video I made of Hernando. It compromises 2 different weekends. It has no music, its all natural sound of the bikes and occasionally me flopping my jaws about something that I think you might find interesting.


Leave me a comment if you like it, thanks


  1. 1tonofsh!t's Avatar
    Watched the vid. I prefer music myself with the occasional muting to hear the bikes and/or narrations...but that's just me...keep it up.
  2. JasonB's Avatar
    I cant stop watching these videos! thanks Billy, keeps my day at work a little less boring lol
  3. Billy Golightly's Avatar
    Heres another oen for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g46AihR1skM
  4. lentzy250sx's Avatar
    Im new to this site, can anyone help me? how do i post my own blog so that people can read it and comment on it?
  5. judgey's Avatar
    looks steep


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