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Billy Golightly

ATC250R, Banshee, ATC500R, Tecate 500 Hill climbing in old phosphate pits.

Rating: 2 votes, 1.00 average.

Some pretty cool hillclimbing footage from a few different trips down there! Check it out and leave a comment on the video if you like it!


  1. Kkaiser's Avatar
    Awesome video have anymore?
  2. dmfaulks85's Avatar
    Really great video!
  3. Boodro's Avatar
    Sweet find
  4. sebashtiankasey's Avatar
    im new to 3-wheeler world i have a 85 kawasaki tecate and they dont make parts for them anymore is there any kind of motor that will fit in it
  5. rhiley's Avatar
    hey i have a honda 1984 200x and idk if the headlight is a 6v or 12v
  6. cbranstetter's Avatar
    So I have a Honda 200es big red that won't start. It has gas, spark, oil, etc and it will turn over but just won't start. Any ideas?


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