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Triker Gathering At Gordons Well!

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The date is quickly approaching! January 4th through the 10th at Gordons Well (Imperial Sand Dunes in California). 3 wheeler enthusiasts from all over the country will be in attendance. It will be a dune ride for the ages!

In case you're wondering, you don't need to be invited. If you know where Gordons Well is, you shouldn't have much trouble finding us. Come out and say Hi!

For those of you who are unable to join us, I will be sure to post plenty of pictures and video of the event right here on the new and improved front page. Stay tuned!


  1. KASEY's Avatar
    IF YOU HAVE A SPARE MINUTE IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY,,,, make it a point to load what ever you ride and make it to gordons well!!! this will be the ride not to miss .
  2. ATC-Eric's Avatar
    See you guys there!!!!!!
  3. hoser's Avatar
    Where about will you be camping at Gordons that area is pretty big?

    I will be at Glamis some time between the 27th and the 12th camping at Gecko, I wont have my trike this trip but would like to stop by and see others 3 wheelers.

    I started riding 3 wheelers in 1971 my first 3 wheeler was a US90 currently I have two 1980 ATC 110's and a 85 ATC250R with the Honda 300cc kit.

    This trip I will be taking my RZR-S (need to get miles on it whilst under factory warranty) and my son will be riding either a TRX250R or a 400EX

    Thanks hope to see you guys their.
  4. ATC-Eric's Avatar
    Dont know exactly where we will be. I am working on a flagpole so we can find our way back a little easier this year!
  5. hoser's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ATC-Eric
    Dont know exactly where we will be. I am working on a flagpole so we can find our way back a little easier this year!
    Great idea you should be able to get like 3 lengths of 2" PVC pipe and make a real nice flag pole, if you can post a picture of the flag you will be flying so we know what to look for...
  6. atctim's Avatar
    Look for this flag

  7. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Can't wait for this one... santa's packin my bag's...

    gotta be close to the furthest one out on this trip..
  8. Dammit!'s Avatar
    Unless someone is flying in from Maine, yeah I think you got the long distance award.
  9. atctim's Avatar
    OK yall, Corey just sent me an awesome picture I wanted to share. You ready for the meat??????

    45+ pounds of delicious 100% beef. Mmmmmmmmmmmm - talk about a watery mouth just looking at this. Just one more week and we will be there.
  10. ATC-Eric's Avatar
    Good god! I didnt know about it till now! He snuck to Iowa over the weekend, and I guess grabbed this while he was there.
  11. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Who's got the Beef?....:drool::drool:
  12. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    leaving the house... my Journey has begun,, see you suckers in gordans well!
  13. Johnsonw's Avatar
    Hey this is my first time on her I've looked at every town in every state all around Nebraska looking for a 1986 Honda 250 that needs a little work for a decent price. If any one can help me hit me up at Johnsonw7033@gmail.com


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