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My 86 250R ice racer has evolved again! This time it's a monster!

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Many people on this board have seen my R's posted over the years. I go through the bike every few years to update it, fix broken or worn out parts, try new set ups and pretty much play with my favorite toy. I got this bike as a parts bike in 1997 when I bought my other 1985 R. I built it up from scratch. There are only 6 original parts left on the bike. Everything was replaced, updated, modified etc over the years.

Here is a video that brings us up to 2006:

Well the ESR330R motor was a good motor for what it was, it was time for a bottom end rebuild and that set the wheels in motion to build a motor I have wanted for years. I also found out that I had cracked my -1 Westcoast swingarm. While it made the bike a ton of fun to ride, it ultimately hurt me in a lot of races so it had to go.

Attachment 161344

Attachment 161346

So I pulled the motor and shipped it off for a rebuild. I rebuilt every part of the bottom end. All new transmission with Yukon gears, shift forks, an 8 plate clutch mod, all new bearings, new clutch upgrade kit, clutch pivot arm, billet basket, clutch hub, crank....everything except the main and counter shafts and the gears that connect the crank to the clutch basket. I sent the motor to FTZ Racing as they I have had good experience with them in the past. I will also be rolling out my old FTZ 250 motor in my 85 R this year, but that is another story.

I then started accumulating parts for my next buildout:

A Lectron 48HV from Packard Enterprises.....Dennis is a great guy and super helpful.

Attachment 161347

A Westcoast +2 with double coating of powder. FYI, if you use a glossy white powder, it is runny when baking and ultimately does not cover well. Look at my -1 Westcoast above. The powdercoater has agreed to repowder that swingarm again for free since that was only done a few years ago and should not have pealed so bad.

Attachment 161348

Well, once I started getting parts back in I realized that to acheive what I wanted to do, I would have to make some modifications to get it all to fit. The carb bowl is a 200% capacity bowl, but would not clear the kick starter gear so I had to modify the bowl to fit.

Attachment 161349
Attachment 161350
Attachment 161351
Attachment 161352

I also had to modify the frame to fit this monsterous carburator:

Attachment 161355
Attachment 161356
Attachment 161357

I then got the pipe in from Nick "NOS_350X"

Attachment 161353

I sent that out to be ceramic coated:

Attachment 161354

Next was the intake: I need to run an airbox when we ice race due to all of the snow and water flying around so I had to custom build a box. I built the box so it could be separated from the intake boot. That way, I can choose to run the box or just an aircleaner.

Attachment 161358
Attachment 161359
Attachment 161360
Attachment 161361
Attachment 161362

I also modified the case to fit a 16 tooth front sprocket.


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    its says private cant view it
  2. honkey's Avatar
    NIce. i want a 250r but i just got a honda 200s atc today is gonna be my first day hitting the trails


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