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Bryan Raffa

Raffa's Ice Fest 2010!

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Once Again ,its Time for Trikes to take to the ICE in Upstate NY!,,, John R was the Fastest on the ICE in 09.. But will His streak be ruined By ChrisD and the other 330R demon..Chris is on the right Track with a Fresh Rebuild.. can he pull it off????will he make it??? local PA Boy TrizNate has a big bore Tri-z up his sleeve.. will he pull it out against the Orange county boys...then theres Brappp.. "King of Cobble" with a 500 calfab tecate.. will his creation be done in time?? Next on the HOT sheet is local Oswego man MIK6 .. on the come back from a pretty good wreck at TF09 when his bike Piloted by AKA mama Dawn ,took a turn for the worst and flipped an Barrelrolled..Can He find a Tank for a 86 SPROCK 300 tecate in time....and Me on the other hand took a trade for the Dunes instead of a few sets of tires...dont worry about me I'm always FAST in the ICE!:twisted:

Febuary 13,14,15 ,Valentines day and president's Day weekend,3 day weekend.
and theres talk of a "Special Guest"

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  1. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Im shure the cameras will be flying billy... few more go pro's would be nice!.... Snake,,, see if you can grab Tim's....
  2. Kintore's Avatar
    Ill t bomb that slithery bugger..... he is in jersey right now repairing shoppin carts!
  3. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    Gettin close.. now boy's!! TRACK COMEING SOON!
  4. JohnR.'s Avatar
    Keep us updated.
  5. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    The Track was Built yesterday,, the Medium size Oval, I was ripping in 3-4th gear and the road corse is a good 1/4 mile track with plenty of right turns. I may change a few things on the road corse and add a few diffrent sections..so we can open them up and change the corse as needed.
  6. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    SPECIAL GUEST Arrives 11:44 thursday!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bryan Raffa's Avatar
    IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME..........................
  8. Gag_Halfront's Avatar
    Ok. Tecate is back together, battle trike is running pretty good. Just gotta load the truck tomorrow morning and head out. Looks like we could get a much earlier start than anticipated. I'll have to take a break to get on a conference call for work somewhere around lunch time. Other than that, if all goes well we should be there late afternoon.

    Oh... and the homebrew is kegged. :-D (I still have to try it and make sure it came out ok but it should be pretty good)
  9. JohnR.'s Avatar
    NICE! Keg of homebrew sounds GOOD! Try to have some left for those of us that are getting there Saturday morning.
  10. Kintore's Avatar
    Snake just said he is out, why I dont know!
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