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Pics of your Selvys parts or DIE!

  1. NINJA
    I've noticed there are a couple of new members in this group. To continue being a part of this group, I need pictures of your parts. Freaksfix, I know you have a Selvys cylinder, so I will keep you in the group no matter what. I would love to see some closeup pics of that cylinder and the experience you've had running it.
    As for the other 2 members, lets see some pics or hear some of your Selvys experience. If I do not get a reply within 2 weeks, I will remove you from this group.
    The purpose of this group is to compare notes on our Selvys parts.
  2. NINJA
    Okay, so I lied. I'm not actually removing any new members from the group. I do still want to see some pics or hear experiences from other members though.

    If you did join the group, just to join a group or joined because I said this group was FOR SELVYS OWNERS ONLY and you thought it clever to be contrary, that's pretty lame.
  3. NINJA
    The first rule of Selvys Club is: You do not talk about Selvys Club!
  4. robselvy
    Ok I read about the rules to the Selvys club, and I'm wondering what you need from me to be a member? I can keep my mouth shut I promise! I still have one of my "Works" 200R radiator skirts with all the factory stickers and I think I still have about 250 Selvys stickers, I only have less than a dozen of the "Sonic Extreme" stickers and I wont part with them.

    I still have ALL the dimensions and the skills to make every single part that I ever sold! Does that allow me membership to the group? LOL
  5. NINJA
    Mail me a couple of your Selvys stickers and you can join the group. LOL just kidding. We hope you post up some pictures. So awesome to have you here! Feel free to tell us some stories or tell us about some of your engine builds. I want to hear it all.
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