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1986 Atc 125m weak spark

  1. Nothingisrunnin
    I know this is a group for 110's but i couldnt find a group for 125s so this will have to do. I have an 86 honda 125m and it has a weak spark and will not run. Checked all grounds and made sure they wear clean and making good contact. We replaced the spark plug, the spark plug wires, and ignition coil. Tested the stator and pickup coil and both checked out fine. Took it to a mechanic and he said the nuetral saftey switch was bad and thats what was probably causing the weak spark. He said bypassing it would probably fix it. It has 2 wires from the saftey switch that go to 2 wires in the wiring harness (one green and red, one grey) and the mechanic said to ground the green and red one to the battery and i did that and it bypassed the switch fine but still has weak spark. No idea what else to check. I thought it might be the CDI but i cant find one for my specific model anywhere so i cant even replace that. Any thoughts?
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