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Left Rear hub

  1. Mudturtle81
    I am trying to find a left rear hub for an '85 250es big red. I found a new one for $115 but wasn't planning on spending that much. Does anyone know where I can find one? There was no left hubs on eBay.
  2. djm0242
    I'm sure one will turn up on there soon. That is the cheapest and prolly the only place you'll find one unless you get lucky. What's wrong with the one you have? Are you certain your axle splines are okay?
  3. Mudturtle81
    Lucky enough, the axle splines were fine, but the hub splines were completely stripped out. It has also been brought to my attention that there is a difference in the hub size and bearing size on the '85 model. There is an early '85 model and a late '85 model.
  4. djm0242
    Yep true, 85 is different from the 86,87. However, all 85's supposedly fit the same axle.
  5. captainweezy
    You can call me at (Shane)217 370-4573 I have one left. I can ship it to you for $60...assuming you live in the u.s. I can send you pics and I have paypal. Thanks
  6. Shawno970
    Hi all,
    I am in desperate need for a left hub for my sons 85 250es. It's been up on Jack's for a couple months now, don't have the heart to weld the stripped one on but it might come to that unless we can figure something out. Very hard to come by and no aftermarket from what I can see. Any suggestions or leads on a gently used one would be appreciated.
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