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87 big red 250es Carburetor issues

  1. Rnecaise
    Got the Big Red about a year ago. Been riding it without issues the whole time. Now it wants to bog when I get on it. Carb is spotless. Cant find a vacuum leak except for 2 hoses hanging from front of carb. Ideas? Any decent aftermarket carbs out there?? 87es250
  2. Homeless Dave
    Homeless Dave
    is the airbox all stock?
  3. Rnecaise
    All stock.. whole bike
  4. Homeless Dave
    Homeless Dave
    Does it bog when going from near idle to near WOT, because if that is the case these carbs have no accelerator pump and that will cause a bit of hesitation until the air fuel ratio gets to where it needs to be. is your tank flowing enough gas? check vent and filter on tank and any other filter you may have installed.
  5. Rnecaise
    Your thought is spot on. Idle to WOT is the exact spot
    Will check filters and fuel flow and let ya know.
  6. Rnecaise
    Is there a filter or screen in the petcock?
  7. Homeless Dave
    Homeless Dave
    There is a filter in the petcock, however, i dont know if it is removable. There is a filter inside the tank as well, remove the petcock and it should come out (it is a long cylinder shaped one), i have had tanks that clogged up part of that filter, so i could only run on reserve. It is also worth noting, the QA carbs that are on these machines are notorious for having bog when going to WOT, some of them do it others dont.
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