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1979 110 head and tail light burning up immediately. Help

  1. tysonhorn
    Ive had this '79 for about 10 years. We have put tons of hours on it. TONS. Recently the headlight burned out and the socket was melted. I replaced the bulb and it immediately burned out again. Then I read that these machines need a working tail light and head light in order to work properly. I replaced both. They both burned out immediately again. I believe that all of my connections are secure and I can't find any shorts. Please help me with what to look for next. Thank you.
  2. tysonhorn
    Dang. I thought for sure someone would have offered some help!
  3. Rhonda_thehonda
    Hello! I am no expert, but it seems like your voltage is peaking. This in my eyes would be a bad stator-creating too much voltage for the bulbs to handle. Those don't have voltage regulators so I believe it really is just a stator problem. Good luck! 110s rule!
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