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  1. Kathyk
    So I bought a tri moto off facebook a few years ago, the guy that I bought it from had it listed as a 93 or 94, so I assume it's 10 years older than that? But it's almost impossible to figure out exactly what model it is. It has no battery and is pull start only, has no reverse, it's a 4 stroke. Any ideas?
  2. Rhonda_thehonda
    Does the engine protrude outside the plastics a little bit? If so it's a 225dx. All four strokes had battery boxes and electric starter motors. if I'm not mistaken. I may be wrong though potentially the 200s did not have electric start. You can check the right-side engine cylinder at the base it should tell you the displacement. A 225 dx/dr will be 223cc. A 200e or 200 will be 196cc. Pictures could help. I would look up each year 83-85/86? of the tri moto four strokes and compare the frame and plastic design to yours. Hope this helps! Tri motos rock!
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