Tiger 125

A person emailed me the other day and let me know that he use to be a dealer for the Tiger's. I found out that the engines used in the 125's were a water/aircooled combo. The cylinder was aircooled and did not have any waterjackets, the head was watercooled to help keep the engine running at cooler temperatures. Bruce (350X'inNy) emailed me and told me he might have found a side view of the Tiger 125 in one of his old mags along with other Tiger info. I'm looking forward to this information and pictures, and will of course post them when I get them.

Recently got emailed these pictures (Shown below) of a Tiger 125 that was on ebay a while back. I missed them but someone else caught em, check them out!

Got anonymously (I'm guessing that, the email was blank?) this picture of a Tiger 125 too.

If you have any Tiger 125 info, please contact me.

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