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On this page is a list of magazine articles with threewheeler realted material scanned from various mags of the 80's. These magazines may include, but are not limited to: 3Wheeling, Dirtwheels, 3 & 4 Wheel ATV action, Dirtbike, and other assorted magazines that might have had cool stuff about trikes in them. So for now we're going to have just a small list of some of the really cool scanned articles, and post them here until Howdy gets done with his "Mag Project" which will entail digitalizing around 250 magazines he owns into Adobe .pdf files so you can read them just like a regular magazine. But in the meantime while that monstrosity of a project is being completed, you can checkout these:

The Consent Decree

AN: Special report, sale of threewheelers stopped.(Top Half of Cover) A.N.-January/88
AN: Special report, sale of threewheelers stopped.(Full Article) A.N.-January/88
CPSC Report 3Wheeling-Dec/86

Rider/Racer Interviews

Tommy Gaian Assorted Magazines

Three-wheeler Tests

DW: First Test Honda ATC250SX DirtWheels-Nov/84
34WAA: 87 Honda ATC200X 3&4 Wheel ATV Action-Dec/86
DW: Preview of the 83 ATC250R DirtWheels-Dec/82
DW: First Test 83 Honda ATC250R DirtWheels-Apr/83
3W: First Test 83 Honda ATC250R 3Wheeling-May/83

Performance Articles

86 Tecate Mods 3&4 Wheel ATV Action-Spt/86
86 200X Mods 3&4 Wheel ATV Action-Sept/86
86 Tri-Z Mods 3&4 Wheel ATV Action-Sept/86
86 350X Mods 3&4 Wheel ATV Action-Oct/85
86 250R Mods 3 & 4 Wheel ATV Action-Sept/86
Jimmy White Replica Tecate Kawasaki Handbook
Auto 200X 3Wheeling-NA/NA
Laeger ATC500R ATVSports-NA/NA

Custom Made ThreeWheelers

Can Am 200 Three-Wheeler
Inside a Factory Honda DirtWheels-Sept/83

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