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Welcome to "THRee WHeeLeR WoRLDS" New and majorly improved Specification home page. We have changed the specs pages around totally. I hope you like it this way. The specs for most all 3 wheelers made is included here. We have them listed by Make and Year now. If you click on let's say "1978 Honda's" it will bring up a page with every model made that year. It will also show more Specs than I have seen anywhere on the net. In fact, Howdy tried to list over 25 specs for each and every model. Is there more to come? That is up to you. Just let Howdy know what else you would like to see. If there is any spec you can add to the pages let him know that also. Let's keep this site #1 for having the most infomation available on 3 wheelers. If we have missed any makes or models e-mail Howdy and let him know. Note: You will need to remove the "_NOSPAM_" for the email to work. Thanks and enjoy !!

This is all We have done at the moment. As We get spec and info on any other 3 wheelers We will update and or make new pages.

Thanks for visiting !!!

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