Tiger 200

Compliments to Mike Thurman (Mike Ft. Laud) for sending in these pictures of this sweet Tiger 200

I've asked Mike to get me some Dimensions on things, and what size/who made the tires. As soon as I have that info or any other, I'll be sure to add it as soon as possible.

Heres another Photo of a Tiger 200 in pristine condition!

I recently wrote back and fourth with a guy named Stan (Very cool guy by the way) who use to own a Tiger dealership, and still has a 200 in his personal collection. He let me know a few things about the Tigers I didn't know, Heres his email:

my understanding was that tiger,ltd. did not have permission to use the rotax engine. i sold 4 units, none had vin on the frame or engine. handlebars were answer, oury grips, magura controls ,russell braided brake lines, mitchell aluminum wheels, marzochi forks, mikuni 34mm carb, durablue rear axle, seat was 200x copy with hi-flite cover, tripple trees were works of art made in-house, rear tires were carlisle r/a radials, front tire either goodyear or cheng shin, hubs were made in-house, grimeca calipers, brake rotors unknown,exhaust mostly made by j&r, rear hub kxt copy with sunstar kxt sproket, rk chain

This is good information out there for you guys that are trying to restore these things back to their original form. Stan's dealership was located in the Atlanta area, he also tells me that the trikes were sold without any warranty, and every one they sold went out of state. Normally took 5 days for them to get one in after they put an order into the Factory. They did not keep a stock of them, only one on the showroom floor for buyers to checkout and know what they were getting. Stan sold 4 units during the time he was a distributor (dealership) for Tiger.

If YOU have Any Drool Drawing pictures of a Tiger, or anything else, send them to: HondaATC@3wheelerworld.com

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