Tiger 4

New Tiger 4 pictures! The ones on the top are the most recent from the one on ebay. Located at this link: Below are 2 pictures, and a caption. We do know it had the same motor as the Tiger 250. A Liquid cooled Rotax 2 stroke.

hrc200x and I were talking the other day, and by looking at the pictures we came up with a few more things to point out:
#1: The caption under the picture of the Tiger 4 debuting-says that it was at Boyd, TX. The one on ebay is from Texas also, possibly the same bike?
#2: The Quad has different fenders from the threewheelers. The fenders are rolled more, and the sticker placement is different as well.
#3: The Quad seems to have a linkage setup for the rear suspension, it also is center mount in the swingarm unlike the threewheelers which were sidemounted.
#4: From the pictures it appears to have a single piston rear caliper. It also appears to have a different setup for the linkage on the back caliper from the threewheelers also.
#5: The Rear Fenders also appear to be Fiberglass, judging by the finish and color on the underside of them

I'm sure theres other things too that we missed, if we come up with anything else, or anyone happens to spot something we didn't, drop me an email and I'll be sure to add it on this page.

Ken Eineder sent me 2 more new pictures. Heres his email to me:

Sorry for the delay in the pictures, I had to find them and then scan them as the only pictures I have were taken on a polorid instatmatic, They are as I said before, I believe it is one of the first quads made, it came with fiberglass body panels and the rotax 250 rotary valve with the side mount carb, the bike is pictured just as I received it with the exception of the bar that was mounted behind the carb. I had to do this because when getting off in the corners I was hitting the carb with my leg. Let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have.....KEN

Heres Another email from Ken:

I live in FL. but was in Mich. when I bought and raced it, I owned it for about 2 1/2 years and raced TT and oval, it was not worth a damn for Mx, the suspension was not very good, but on the TT and oval this thing was unreal, it would corner like an indy car and I don't thing anything ever beat it off the line, as far as compared to the honda, the honda was stock bore with pipe, carb, and reeds, and the tiger would smoke it in a drag race and on the TT / oval but on the MX the honda would much better simply because it had a great suspension..The dealer I bought it from was in Adrian Mich. and he hab 3 wheelers he used to race, when I bought this thing it was sight unseen, I did get a picture of one sitting on the factory floor that he said was mine, I do not remember the serial # but was told it was one of the first ones sold, seem like I waited about 6 months before getting it, but the rotax is a very strong running engine and worth the wait, after getting I had to add the bar behind the carb so that when you leaned off in the corners you didn't knock the carb off, and the other thing that was a problem was the steering stops did not allow for enough counter steer while in a slide and I had to cut them back.

Heres one of the other pictures we have. Its the Tiger 4's debut at the Boyd, Texas TT Race. Looks like a cross between a LT250 and a Tecate 4 to me.

In This picture it looks different then the others. Maybe this was a newer updated version of an older Tiger-4?

And thats all the info we have about the Tiger-4. As with anything else if you have any information or comments about this machine please email us.

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