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Thread: 1984 Honda 200x

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    1984 Honda 200x

    hey i own a 1984 hoda 200x. i recently opend the motor to replace the internal kickers...now i have it back together but when i run anything over half throttle i have a hard thumping noise in which sounds like to me, to be in the top end i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to start... im thinking cam but id like to have advice first
    Thanks Alot any help is greatly appreciated

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    It's probably unrelated to the kicker stuff you fixed, I'd do a compression test before you tear it down. my first 200x had a knocking noise only under load and I just let it go unchecked (stupid) untill the skirt broke off the piston one day trashing the top end. Definately better to find the problem and fix it before it turns into a bigger problem. I'd be leaning towards the top end myself. I'm assuming it ran fine with no noises before you repaired the kicker? Good luck!
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