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Thread: 3WW members who supply parts and services for trikes

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    3WW members who supply parts and services for trikes

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I'm posting here, if there is a better section let me know and I'll move it. I know there are several members here who offer parts and services to the trike world but it's hard to figure out who does what. I like to support others in the hobby and there isn't a better way than to keep the money in the family. I would much rather send my money to a fellow triker than to buy on ebay or a local shop who treats you like a leper when you go in wanting trike parts. If it's not against the rules would it be possible to have a thread where members could list there services and capabilities?

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    this a is a great idea .


    i build custom ATC'S i weld cut fabricate anything out of metal i paint and recover from trash to treasure is what i do
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    My name is Steve, I fabricate, weld, machine and make custom parts. Many threads on some things I've done.

    I gotta post up some forks I un-bent today, worst I've ever seen....

    Hey guys, I now have 26 apartments to take care of; Maintain, clean, evict,repair and collect anything I can. For the time being, I cannot take on any work at all. I'm sorry that I cannot help you guys with my unique repairs at this time. I am far too busy. I hope to be squared away this winter/spring but I never know whats gonna hit me 50% of these apartments need a total rebuild and I am a one man show.

    Please move on to the the next guy with similar capabilities. I hope to be back in the game in a few months!

    Be well................
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    Very cool idea! I like this a lot.

    I do TIG welding, tube bending for custom frame work (Mostly 250R-CR500 conversions). I can build ATC/TRX250R swing-arms. I can do pipe sectioning on custom engine swap projects. I can do light lathe and turning work, some stuff on the mill. I'm more of a fab guy than a machinist. Some examples of stuff I've made, 500R conversions, 250R swingarm build from scratch, custom sub-frames, custom triple clamps for inverted front forks, aluminum swingarm build for a CR500 conversion using 400ex carrier, Short track kit brackets, some engine case repairs (broken shifter bosses, etc), just off the top of my head.

    250R Swingarms in -4 to +16 lengths.
    200X Swingarms in development right now.
    CR500 framed trike-conversion swingarms (Use the CR500 frame, bolt in an arm that'll take a 450R rear end) in development.
    250R Exhaust hangers in stainless steel (Ready for sale now: http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...eel.-COLORIZED!)
    I have made triple clamps for inverted forks in the past, but its been several years since I have. (see thread here: http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...-version-Tri-Z)

    If you can dream it up, I can *probably* fabricate it up

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm Bill,I am a dealer. So,I can supply you with anything that's available as far as ANY atv,2,3,or 4 wheels,and snowmobiles. I am a full line dealer,parts,accessories,gear,ANYTHING!! I do boring,heads,valve jobs,etc.. I do not do rods. Made a conscious decision 22 years ago,not to do that. I have my hands WAY full of family these days..But will GLADLY accomadate all of you! 3 wheelers are near and dear to my family's heart!! I have one of the biggest collections around. None of my machines, or used parts are for sale at this point. Thank you!! Great idea sx !

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    Name is Mike , 28 years experience in the atc field .
    If your looking for aftermarket parts for atc90 / 110 I prob have them . I also build custom atc90 , 110 , 200x race moded motors to customers request .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails completestroker2.JPG   completestroker.JPG   110done1.JPG   110done3.JPG  
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    78 atc 90/180cc Dickson Full Suspension
    76 ATC90/180cc Nicholson
    77 atc 90 Dickson Full Suspension
    84 KLT 110/123cc Powroll Racer from 80s
    87 atc 125m stock
    84 atc 200x Curtis Sparks
    84 atc 200x Powroll My race bike from 80's
    83 atc70/108cc Powroll blue Xmas Special
    81 atc185s HP-ATC full suspension

    Performance Shop is Open PM me for Service

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    My name is john

    jeswinehart here (john).
    I make reproduction, look alike O.E.M. Tecate intake boots and chain sliders (all years of Tecate) and do a simple upgrade to all years of tecate fly wheels so the magnets won't come undone.
    *** Gonna branch out to a Honda rubber part that fits 2 different ATC trikes that use the same part***
    *** Currently doing sub work (rubber and hard plastic) R + D for 2 board members for non existing parts reproduction (helping bring their ideas/product to market) ***

    in order to keep this thread "clutter " free, PM me for what ever. I will NOT respond to anything in this thread.

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    My name is Eric, I also am a dealer. I can pretty much beat or match anyone's price. Also my supplier is very 3 wheeler friendly and even makes some hard to find parts like plastic seat pans for the ATC 185 and 200. My only problem is shipping costs, it's hard for me to compete on the larger items, the smaller ones should be no prob....if you're in the area....stop on in!!
    Tionesta Trikes ATC 450R
    86 250R
    86 Tecate-3
    83 ATC 70
    85 Big Red
    81 KLT 200
    85 250SX
    Tricky Dicks Cagiva WMX 200 sold
    Trikefest survivor 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
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    My name is Brad. I have new 86/87 200x gas tank shrouds/scoops in several different colors. Pics can be seen in my profile.
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    Hi we are Rob and Tammy Mosher. We own a ATV business based primarily on custom atv seats and atv seat restorations, and dress up items for ATV's and ATC's.
    We have been in business since 2002.


    Some work here on the site.

    We also offer many aftermarket parts.
    Magnum Products
    All Balls
    Maxima oils
    Cometic Gaskets
    Wiseco Pistons and products
    Pro-x pistons
    Brake pads and clutch kits
    And Much more

    Authorized Dealers for
    Advantage Performance Distributing
    Magnum Distributing
    Maier Plastics
    Fullbore Innovations
    J&M Atv Supply
    Hi Flite...Best seat foam in the industry
    Kali Pertectives. Helmets and riding gear.

    If you have any interest in us, please contact us through our website, or pm my Wife Tammy, which that link is in my signature.

    Here is our feedback.

    I also believe supporting members within our group is integral to the survival of our hobbie. I try to keep as much business as I can in these forums.

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    ^Obviously you didn't read any of this!^

    My name's Trace but my friends call me Ninja. I am an ATV/MC mechanic by trade. I'm the guy to talk to if you need suspension work done on your stock 250R suspension. I can get you set up with custom rate valving and springs for your stock 250R shock be it -1" to +12" swingarm from MX to duning purposes. If you just need it rebuilt or freshened up that's fine too.

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    Hey clubbers,this is Greg from GKING POLISHING You want it to bling? send it to the KING!!
    Shop address 1665 s Meridian st Indianapolis,IN 46225
    SHOP # 317~608~3557 cell 24/7 text 317-731-8813
    You now can follow or hit me up on my fan page on FaceBook Greg King / GKing Custom Metal Polishing
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    Hi if you need a tech to fix your servers or PC give me a shout. I am located in southern NY and will travel to southern CT and NJ. I can provide remote support if needed.
    My website is http://pcfixitny.webs.com/

    I also do custom automotive finishes. Mostly pearl and flakes. Dupont and PGP or paint of your choice. BTW thanks Billy for getting back to me.
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    Hello My name is Shane and I have been parting Honda atc's out for 10 years now. I have thousands of parts from all Honda trikes. Most of my collection consist of 90 110 125m 185 200 200e 200es 200x and 250es big reds although i do have some other parts from atc 70's 250sx's and 350x's. I have a few videos up but I am in the process of refreshing them. I ship everything except rear fenders and motors. I am looking into shipping rear fenders through Grey Hound. I want to say thanks to everyone who has purchased parts from me. If you need anything please send me a PM
    R.I.P. John Swinehart
    TRIKEFEST 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19
    Epic Mikfest 17
    86 200x
    85 250sx
    85 big red
    85 atc 70

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    I know this is a very old thread, but I'll still add my contact information here.

    I'm Jeremy and I own Hiltz Machine Works outside of Houlton, Maine up near the U.S. / Canada Border.

    I have full machining services in my shop. I can bore and hone cylinders (which I am starting to recommend to people instead of buying Chinese aftermarket kits). I have valve resurfacing equipment and can grind both valves and cut seats. I also restore carburetors. Beyond ATCs I am also heavily into Air Cooled VWs. I have TIG welding capability to build up aluminum alloy castings. I routinely fix broken exhaust studs on cylinder heads etc. I can do all kinds of press work, lathe work, grinding, honing, milling, welding etc.

    Another thing I can do is Snowmobile and ATV Crankshaft reconditioning. I line up cranks, can replace bearings and can also pin, weld or key them so they no longer come out of time/phase (popular in the snowsled world).

    I also do general machining that is not related to ATC/ATV/Automotive.

    I'm on YouTube at youtube.com/MaineMachinist and FaceBook facebook.com/hiltzmaching

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want something quoted.

    Thank You!

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