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Thread: Its raining,The ground is covered in ICE.

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    Its raining,The ground is covered in ICE.

    So I decided to stay in the garage today and split a Tri-Z motor open.It was left out w/o spark plug and the crankcase filled up with water.So far I scraped out a pint of rusty goo.Hopefully I can bring this one back to life w/o spending alot of $$.
    I also bought new swingarm bearings for Z3 and put them in.Now I can paint the frame/swingarm and start putting it together.I may paint everything yellow and keep it original.Hopefully I will get some good digital pics of the whole project.When this one is done all I have left to do is find a mint 86 Tri-Z.....How much would a complete collection of Mint Tri-Z's be worth???

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    its raining here too cant ride but now ice. i have been working on that 98 banshee i got. i am almost done with it too.. dont know what to work on next. i have that yt175 that i am going to put on a pallet and shrink wrap. i have a place i can store it for a few months,until i can start fixing it. anyway wish the rain would stop

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