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Thread: Who will be at Trikefest with a decent camera that wants to volunteer?

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    Who will be at Trikefest with a decent camera that wants to volunteer?

    I need to know who is definitely going to be at Trikefest that is planning to bring a good camera that wants to help out with the documentary. We have some people committed to helping with pre-tf footage but we will need as much help as possible during the event itself.

    Couple different things I'm looking for.

    1) People with decent cameras that want to help out recording the events (mx, drags, etc). For the event video, I need some people that have HD camcorders. I'll be using a DSLR and some GoPros but those are very limiting options for capturing these types of events (HOWEVER! If that's what you have I can use you too!). Some volunteers in this department is critical. I need to put a few people in strategic spots during events and since we basically have a budget of zero, we need people that have their own cameras too. With a camcorder it's far easier to follow the action so that's why I'm looking for anyone with that type of camera. You can cover a great area more effectively. For anyone with a DSLR, you'd basically be assigned a spot to really concentrate on. Camcorder users can follow the action a little further and zoom better if something interesting is happening across the track.

    2) People with damn near any kind of camera that will film random activity around wherever you happen to be. Make your own Trikefest documentary. What is YOUR experience like while you're there? Or the people in your immediate group? There will be all kinds of great moments that I won't be there at the right second to catch. I need more "eyes" if you will. You don't even have to chime in here or in any of these threads. Just have it in mind while you're there. If you catch anything cool, interesting or just funny, let me check it out. If we can get a bunch of people doing this we can more easily put together something that captures the spirit of what it's like to be there. It's those little interactions, small groups, camps, trail rides, around the grill, fire pit, those are the times when some of the best stuff happens so think to yourself, "If I'M not capturing this right now, nobody is so I should probably have my camera out!"

    Basically I want an army of amateur videographers roaming trikefest all week filming whatever they feel like. But I also need some people to help me with some specific things. Those of you who want to actively help out at the event let me know who you are and what kind of camera you have and any other relevant gear if you happen to have any (tripods would be useful).

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    I'm currently working out the quirks as far as getting there (I may be tagging along with a fellow member) but if I can make it there, I would love to film some stuff, especially random things.

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    I will be there barring some unforeseen circumstance. I have a Sony HDR CX 220 video camera and a Sony DSC - RX 100 digital. I shoot as much as I can at every event I attend. I usually only post the best tid bits that I capture. My cameras aren't top of the line but they aren't too shabby either.
    Will you be able to use stills? That is one of my hobbies. Just let me know.
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    I've got a descent Nikon and a tripod. It takes HD video - I should have it with me alot - maybe just set it up around camp and let it roll for a while. I'm sure it will capture some goodies.
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    I will be there with a couple others and we intend to have gopro's running. We will have lots of video to send your way, This should end up great

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    I want to tag this thread. I will know if I am going soon. I have a Nikon D2H that I'll be bringing with me. Not sure on what long lens I'll have
    but will let you know.
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