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Thread: NORRA Mexican 1000

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    NORRA Mexican 1000

    I was in the new member forum and saw this post.


    Then went online and found this webpage. The very last class listed is ATC!! I am hoping baja500bound will be able to post more details of his desert trike and details as we get closer to the race!!

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    That's pretty cool.

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    LOVE this story!!! Thanx for sharing Mr Clean!
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    That is awesome. I would like to do that someday.
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    This is epic news. I know its just a rally but they will be hauling pretty fast out there. Its a step in the right direction for 3 wheeler racing. Next will be the Score 1000, The holy Grail of off road racing.
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    First and foremost, thank you to Mr. Clean for starting this thread as I was still under my 10 post minimum. A special thanks to Billy Golightly for offering up his help and support!!

    So yes, myself and two other guys have registered a 1985 250r in the 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000. All three of us are avid desert racers with myself and one other team member having successfully raced a dirt bike in the 2006 Baja 500 and 2010 Baja 1000. We've clicked those items off the bucket list and started looking for our next adventure. Two years ago, we started tossing around the idea of racing in the Mexican 1000 but since we had already done something similar on a motorcycle, we weren't really sure what we would race. How the idea of racing an ATC came up is kinda fuzzy as we usually discuss such things around the camp fire and well we all know the beverage of choice around a camp fire. As the original plan began to grow, we made the mistake of bringing too many people into the mix. When it came time to start funding this project, people started dropping like flies and ultimately the idea was dropped.

    Now fast forward to New Years 2013/14 and as always a camp fire was involved. We made the decision to raise the ATC plan once again but this time, we would keep it at three racers only. We began funding this project and started some planning but nothing as of yet was actually set in stone until New Years 2014/15 where we submitted our registration. Once we registered, we were locked in and ready to move forward.

    And this is where we are now. Over the weekend of 1/17 we tore the ATC down to the bare frame and split the motor. We’ll be doing a full rebuild of all components as well as having an extra motor that we can rob from if need be. We’ll have two chase trucks and a crew of about 6 people helping us out. The best part of NORRA is that although it’s a point to point race, we’re able to stop each night and work on the bike. This should help us out significantly in respect to bike maintenance.

    I’ll be sure to post updates as they become available and we have a facebook page that can be followed as well (https://www.facebook.com/DynamicallyUnstableRacing).

    Thank you to everyone for your support and well wishes!! It’s gonna be pretty freakn’ awesome!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I forgot to mention. The name of the team is Dynamically Unstable Racing (D.U.R.). We found some info about the Honda Motor Co. lawsuit in 1987 siting that ATC's had a design flaw and that they were Dynamically Unstable. Dynamically Unstable Racing was formed..

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    very cool, a few guys attempted this a while back I think they were eventually shooting for the alternative fuel class but it never came to fruition http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...000-on-3wheels!
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    You guys are nuts! But your supported by people just as crazy. I think this is really cool what you guys are doing. Do you plan on running a few gopro's and a plethora of memory cards? I'm sure most of us would love to see what all goes on.

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    I think this is awesome! My best wishes to you and D.U.R. Keep us all posted. I just liked your Facebook page and will be following it closely for updates. In my book, you guys are the tops!
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    A huge thanks to everyone and your best wishes!!

    Ghostv2 - The GoPro is definitely on the inventory list and I'll be sure to get as much footage as we possibly can.

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    Wow this is gonna be awesome! you don't need a 4th racer do you?
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    Absolutely awesome stuff!! Big news!! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time three wheelers have had a legal class since the 1986 Baja 1000?
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    This is so cool. Just another sign that 3-wheelers are making a come back. Perhaps the irrational idiocy of the ban is behind us.

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    Happy Birthday (belated)!! 30 years ago yesterday a brand new 1985 250r was brought home from the dealership. Here's another shot of her owner during a race in Flagstaff, AZ in 1987. She's been sitting for far too long!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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