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Thread: New Yamaha YTM200k, Air Filter / Tune-Up

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    New Yamaha YTM200k, Air Filter / Tune-Up

    Hey, new member here... Recently picked up a 1982 Yamaha Tri-Moto YTM200k from a buddy that had it for sale. He purchased it from the original owner and it's in 9/10 condition, especially for the year.

    I couldn't pass it up after seeing it, as a kid we had an 80's YTM 200 E so it definitely brought back some fond memories.

    The trike runs and starts perfectly, but I thought I'd run it through a thorough service while there's snow on the ground. I found a couple service manuals online which were a huge help.

    New plugs, fresh oil, pulled the carb and soaked it, cleaned jets, checked valve clearance, cam chain adjustment, etc... I couldn't believe everything was still in factory spec and pulled 145psi of compression. I did have to ditch the factory carb boot as it had dry rotted over the years and I was afraid of eventually causing an air leak/lean condition. I removed the factory rubber from the spigot and used a short section of 1.25" ID fuel rated hose that fit perfectly.

    Only issue I really discovered was with the air filter. The foam "donut" on the air filter guide has completely deteriorated. From some online research it looks like that style filter had been used for many years after on many Yamaha ATV's like the Moto-4, Big Bear, Timberwolf, etc... Even the newer Warrior/Raptor 350's look to be the same style. The only difference is that they seem to be an inch or two longer.

    I found a couple replacements online that look like they come with a new "donut" to seal the air box like the following:

    Then I discovered the "airbox filter adapter" for the Raptor 350's, that replace the weird factory lid secured air filter all together.

    Those kits are kind of pricey, but I'm curious if anyone has used adapted one of the eBay cheaper versions for a Yamaha trike?

    After installing the "clamp-on" style mount you can use whatever air filter you desire.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience or pictures of one mounted... Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Did you ever get anywhere on this? I'm currently looking to replace the non existent air filter on my machine.

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