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Thread: Long Live 3Wheeling Magazine

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    Was the 450r a 2 or 4 stroke?

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    The ATC 450R was an air-cooled 2-stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynofox
    It's cool to have someone famous on here! :-D

    AAAHEMM!! what about me??
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    He said famous, not "infamous".
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    old fart can we please get soem pics of you or anyoe else rideing ANY atc's, not just thepictures n the magazines but like your own pictures, possibley soem pictures of soem modified atc's or some secret atc's..........................think you could stop by the chat room some time? post a time you wan chat in there eevry ones usually in there twords night,,could you give me some rare mods that were for the 200x?

    thanks, jason

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    ha ha

    Someone in the chat room wants to talk ATCs?

    Wow, that is news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickedfinger
    He said famous, not "infamous".
    http://photos.yahoo.com/dynofox250 (TF 03 pic's)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldfart
    About the '87 ATC250R.... When the bottom fell out of the 3-wheeler market, and Honda had a boatload of them... they were forced to export them to Europe. However, we got our hands on a '87 R up in Canada, which was not part of the CPSC deal. That's how we got a chance to ride one. Photos of prototype ATCs? Sorry no. Part of my deal with many of the test riders was that I was able to look, touch and ride, but no words or photos in the magazine. The ATC450R was a monster, flat scarey to ride. Way too fast for the general public. The ATC200R was really too pipey for me, and a little too small for my 6-1 size.

    Here's a little known fact. Pipe builder, Daryl Bassani owns one of the first ATC250Rs ever made. It was used by Team Honda ATC on the original Parker 400 race, and some in Mexicali 250 race, before it broke a rear axle. Daryl got the bike from Wes McCoy in exchange for the favors he did for Team Honda. That ATC has a chassis number like 00007, or lower!

    That's all for now. I'll chim in from time to time, with other odds and ends as I recall them. We had a great time doing that magazine, some of the best trips to Mexico you can imagine! Cheers! Dean Kirsten


    My sincerest welcome to the forum and to the site. As much as I ride I believe I could relate to your reaction when the CPSC decision went down. I would go insane if I was told I was no longer able to ride or race at all. The whole situation left a bad taste in alot of good peoples mouths, and its unfourtante that it happened like that.

    My goal as one of the "overseers" of 3WW is to help prevent the misconception about threewheelers to people, and to turn the "Them things will kill you" mentality into "Hey, them things are pretty cool" attitude among the general public and modern day off-road enthusiasts alike. I believe (Or would like to hope) that everyone who is here knows that the way the CPSC layed down the law and let the down was done with inaccurate information, biased testimony, and made with haste without first viewing all the facts or the overall picture. But I'm more or less preaching to the choir here.

    Anyways, Extremely pleased and honored to have you among us and look forward to seeing your posts here on the forum in the future.

    Billy Golightly


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    Now to find out where all those 87 250r's went.
    Guess the boat never made it to europe.

    Will have a quick look round on the way home tonight.

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    old fart

    Hi Dean
    I sent you a PM can you check it out.
    Thanks 350XMAN
    No- Point in standing around and just watching! Get out and ride!

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    I'm going to read some of my back issues right now. Just to reminisce about the old days of 3-Wheelers. Welcome to the board and the information from the ole days is awesome!!!!
    1985 ATC350X (Original owner for 21 years and counting!)
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    WOW!! Finally someone who was truly involved !!

    Hmmm - where you doing a google search and found us??!!

    Regardless you can't even begin to imagine how excited some of us are to hear from someone who actually had a role in this sport.

    I truly wonder how many people out there could leave us with our jaws hanging open in just one post.

    Yep, lots of us can swap forks and calipers but we really don't know squat about what really happened, why and where all the goodies went.

    Welcome and thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the site Dean
    I remeber back in the day I never liked the trikes as I was a dirt bike nut,
    then my friend Art (who I cant track down today) had a little 110 that I rode also a two stroke tri moto 125 I think? I did like to ride them but still really didnt like them and old Art kept on harpin about how he liked to work on them and how easier to work on they were ??? I couldent see it untill I went to buy a 4 wheeler.
    Now I have a 350X, 200X, 250SX, ytm 200. and now constantly think of back in the day im 36 now and all the stuff I didnt like in the 80s I love today .I am by far not an ace mechanic nor an expert on A.T.C.s or any other trike I will read your posts religeously. Thanks for joining the site,Im
    sure you will bring irreplaceable knowlege to the site and its members.
    83 YTM 200,84 200X,,85 350X basket case,86 350X parts trike,86 350Xroller needs top end, 86 250SX,

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    When did the CPSC and everyone jump in and finally stop production?

    It's really a horrible thing what happened with trikes, i wish they still made them...
    1983 Honda ATC110 unrestored, running strong, ride it nearly every day.
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    If it is alright with you guys, I would rather not dwell on the CPSC and what happened "outside" the ATC riding world. It turns my stomach when I think about those times, and I rather talk about all the thousands of hours we rode and tested ATCs and never, ever, got hurt.

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