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Thread: What are you doing today? Thread

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    Thanks ya, went to bed last night thinking about it.... probably shouldnt have let it bother me, have a habit of way over thinking things..all set now. Damn i need a tire machine, Steve (dirtcrasher) i think your new shop needs a tire machine)
    Anyway the wifes tires/new chain/ exhaust are done.... yay
    Wife wanted her bike a bit louder like ours (not too loud but louder than a sewing machine) now she complains about the slight vibration the bikes new exhaust causes)
    She had to have that $600 Corbin aftermarket seat cuz it says its more comfy/softer- Nope i cant tell the difference but whatever.
    Love my wife but its not easy sometimes..........

    Enough rambling......Shep

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATC King View Post
    the guy he had helping him with the change quit on him, dissembled way more than necessary, and didn't organize the removed parts very well (we don't know where all the bolts are). I went by to help him out and done a better inspection of the engine before it went in. Change of plans, but I don't know what that plan is and I'm limiting my involvement.
    Nice Shep

    My Michelin Scorcher 11s are like yours.....point towards each other. Seems not right but the arrow says different.

    King...... what bliss it was in the past not knowing what we know now due to inspection cameras.

    Sounds like a big "help" commitment. I hate obligating myself for serious repairs. I feel committed to see it to its end but Lord knows I don't want to

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