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Hey new to the forum and evidently new to this world in general as I actually purchased a front brake kit from the ebay con artist for $299. The kit did include the front brake line and banjo bolts as well. The brake line does look correct, but I don't trust my judgement at this point. Grrrrr
That's no con artist, that's Mike from VMS who has multiple trikes in the Honda museum. Mike is one of the top ATC restorers in the world.

He had those hoses made up to the best replica possible, it took him a long time to track down the right materials, and you also got the reproduced lever cover rubber boot. And don't forget Ebay takes about 20% of the sale and then we are taxed on it as "income" at the end of the year.

So, you had the convenience of buying the whole assembly from an Ebay seller OR buying it in pieces yourself, paying shipping every time and he is one of about 2 guys that have those exact hoses in stock...