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Thread: Project Loose Fillings AKA The Goblin

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    I put that one on my 4 cylinder ranger, along with a turndown, as a stopgap when the factory exhaust broke off just past the cat and the whole fell off in traffic.

    I was very impressed with how quiet it was (compared to the open cat...)

    Tractor Supply also had a turndown to fit it
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    Cool stuff on the harness working first try, I guess you had a good coach =)

    Ironically, I have the same carb situation for the idle on a Chinese Quad I'm working on for a friend. New carb right from China, got it dialed in pretty good, except the idle. No air box in my situation too, the quad didn't have one when he bought it, so I just have a cone filter on it. Just guessing, but it's probably lean and needs a larger jet, but I'm wondering what yaegerb says.

    Talking about that chines quad, it's a 125, but man it feels like an ATC70 for power lol. Floored on loose gravel road while turning it barely spins the tires enough to kind of slide. The ATC70 I rode was a blast, little wheelie machine, lean forward and it would spin tires, but it was gear vs whatever this china thing has, only 1 gear but shifts/feels kind of like a normal atv transmission, just the gear is super high geared since it's only 1 speed. Top speed is like 12-15mph or something like that with out reving it out too crazy.

    About the stator, I wouldn't worry too much about that, unless the side cover was off or something. As long as the engine wasn't full of water, it shouldn't get damaged too easily from sitting.

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    I just got done taking another ride and it ain’t doing the idle thing now. I have to wonder if it was just a break in quirk.
    Throttle response is sharp.
    I’m really digging this engine so far. Might be my best one yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
    Hey Brendon, I set the idle to about 800-825 rpm with a hot engine. As per your note, I did NOT touch anything else. When it's hot, if you blip the throttle it will idle up to about 1000-1050 for about 3 seconds and then fall right back to my set idle. I've had them idle up and won't come down but this one comes down abruptly after about 2 or 3 seconds. Reckon that's because I am running a clamp on breather and NOT the breather box? If it continues to run like it is now and (once the engine is broke in) doesn't show a lean condition on a plug pull test I refuse to F' with it. Hot dang! When it's cold with a full choke it rolls over three times and starts, go immediately to half choke for just a few seconds.....when it's hot, you jump barely bump the starter and it fires right up.
    I would run that carb with the airbox, lid and a oiled uni filter. After thatís done crank it back up and see how it responds.
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