Anyone ever converted a mini bike to a three wheeler? Not a small dirt bike, i mean the Doodle Bugs, Colemans and other small mini bikes that are nothing but a seat, engine and two wheels.

I have the itch to play with one if I can find one cheap enough. Soon as I get fenders for the Goblin, that project is pretty much done. I can't find the exact parts I want for my next build so I am gonna take a break until I do. A little mini bike build seems like the perfect 'break'.....hmmm, could be my neck. Bet my long legged azz looks like a monkey f'ing a foot ball on one of those things.

Seems like two pillow blocks and a chinese Ebay axle kit would be pretty easy.

Wonder which 'type' to look out for as I shop around? There's a LOT of aftermarket support for the things but I have no clue about parts interchangeability.

If anyone has done one...or just built a badazz mini bike, I would love to see a picture of it.