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Thread: 1982 ATC 250r rear brake caliper replacement - HELP

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    1982 ATC 250r rear brake caliper replacement - HELP

    Hello! My name is Alex and I am new to the forum and also a new proud owner of a 1982 ATC 250r! Very excited about this forum and all the resources available here. Ridden dirtbikes all my life and just picked up my first trike. This thing is in pretty decent shape, but the first issue I need to fix is the rear brake caliper...the piston is completely siezed. The previous owner said the bike sat in his backyard for 4-5 years so I'm assuming that has something to do with it. I have tried breaking it free with everything I can think of, and seems like it's easier just to replace the whole thing and start fresh since they seem pretty inexpensive. I am having trouble finding a replacement online for 1982 model specifically. Maybe someone could direct me to where I could purchase one....otherwise... my question to you all is...is there a difference between the other 2nd generation 250r's? Seems like the 1983-1984-1985 are much more common to find online. Looking at the pictures, they look identical to the one I have, but wasn't sure and figured I would see if anyone could offer some advice before i pulled the trigger and rolled the dice. Thank you!

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    I am also a new member looking for 1982 250 Brake Calipers. I have my existing 250 R that I raced here in NY State Flat Track Ice and Moto in 82 and was put in my family pole barn since I broke axle in 84. been there ever nice and some how calibers came up missing on it { front and rear} 250R is being totally restored frame is out being powder coated.
    New plastic is on order motor is being rebuilt used axle found all new bearings through out. missing my works performance shock and one original wheel spacer but all pretty much their. Any tech tips would help.

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    JUST swap something off a new trx quad or dirt bike. I use yz426f front calipers due to they are cheap and dual piston. make a new mounting bracket and bolt on. I run them on my blaster, my 300ex with a 350x rear end and will run one on the 200x I am slowing building.

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