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Thread: 1984 ATC 200M rear brake conversion

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    1984 ATC 200M rear brake conversion

    I've tried to do some research of my own but it hasn't turned up much good help. I have a 200M that i would like to do a rear disc brake conversion but without any cutting or modifying, or at least keep it minimal. I would have figured by now it would be known what caliper and disc would be interchangeable or maybe which hub would be able to swap over to the 200M but haven't had much luck. I've put new shoes and resurfaced the drum but no matter how much I adjust the rear brake cable it just doesn't grab so something needs to change quick Anyone have any helpful links?

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    Do a search on this forum, there's a guy that did one. Believe his name was ATC-tim or maybe keister and the other guy is Josh Ball. Anyway he did a decent write up. Also, if youre on Facebook I think Josh Ball also did a good write up with better pics on the Honda hoarders group. Do a search and you'll find it.

    I'm going to be doing the same to my 84 200M soon.
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    There was no disc brake carrier made by Honda that is a direct replacement. It's going to be cut and weld for the caliper, no way around that. A 200X rear rotor (with hub) fits, but you'll have to make a spacer to take up the gap to the axle threads. The rotor will be the only bolt-on part.

    This is a full custom deal, so you'll pick whatever caliper you want, make a bracket for it and weld it on. The brake backing plate will take a lot of cutting. Some cut it all off, some just cut what is needed to fit the caliper. Frankly, anyone who isn't capable of thinking the caliper mount through on their own, is going to have a very difficult time with the conversion.

    Myself, I'd just buy a Chinese rear caliper for whatever quad or trike you want. There are several knock-offs available on Ebay. They're available with or without a parking brake. I wouldn't bother with one that has a parking brake, because I'd use a handle lever and just put a Velcro strap around it for a parking brake function. I would 100% choose a new Chinese caliper over a POS, overpriced, used OE one that needs rebuilt, unless it was basically free. Basically nobody changes brake fluid like they're supposed to there's a limit to what's rebuildable.

    You can mount a master cylinder to the existing rear brake pedal (full custom job), but a hand master cylinder will have plenty of stopping power and you can just take the foot operated lever off. No clutch lever, so rear brake on left and front on right, just like factory, except rear is now hydraulic.

    Absolutely one of the best modifications you can do, and worth the effort. For actual riding, (with a good condition engine) I'd take this over any engine power upgrade. With a hand lever master cylinder, I can lock the rear tires on any surface, but also have very good modulation so that I don't. I used a XR600R front caliper, twin piston VS single like most others. I also cut up an old sprocket, ground the teeth off, and welded that to the bottom of the old brake plate, so it's a bash guard for the rotor.

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    hey sorry it may seems dumb im new to this whole quad-atc world but what did you use for the disc and did you fixed it

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    ATC200X (83-85) disc hub and disc are direct replacement for stock brake hub (some spacing required). It will slide right one and they are plentiful on eBay.
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    Re-line your brake shoes with a thicker lining. Stock lining is about 1/8" thick. 3/16" universal brake lining is available from Ebay or McMaster-Carr. Hopefully you have some old shoes that the lining has fallen off of. Ebay guy sells the special glue.
    Clean up old shoes.
    Sandblast area for lining.
    Trim new linings
    Glue linings (hold them together with 8" hose clamp)

    If that is too much work, there are companys that Re-line obselete motorcycle shoes. You will need to specify drum "inside diameter"

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