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Thread: 1983 ytm 200ek

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    1983 ytm 200ek

    Iíve been riding quads and dirt bikes all my life, but I decided to go work and save up some money because Iíve recently been getting really interested in trikes. While scrolling through Facebook but and sell, I found this nice 1983 Ytm200Ek for 350 bucks, it runs and drives but needs a front brake cable, new solenoid for the electric start and a new pull start assembly as it Grenaded on the guy. I came here wondering how available are parts for this machine? And will normal 83-85 Ytm200 parts fit for this EK? Iím only 15 and just trying to make sure Iím not buying a trike thatíll be a money dump if parts are hard to come by and expensive. Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome aboard.

    To check the interchangeability of parts you can go to a site like Partsfish.com and cross reference them between models.

    Some parts are getting harder to find, but if you keep scouring eBay they will eventually come up.

    As long as you have some mechanical aptitude and ask your questions coherently someone on here will be able to help you out as needed.

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