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Thread: Brand New Crated 1986 Honda TRX70

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    May 2007

    Brand New Crated 1986 Honda TRX70

    Not sure where to post it.... but figured someone on here may like it!


    All things 3 wheel

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    May 2015
    San Diego, CA
    20K with 40 bidders?!?.... wow

    What do you do....clean it then leave it crated up or assemble it? It's just a 70... I must be out of the loop

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    Already too high for me to bid on.

    I like to get in early, where I know I'll be outbid. It gives me the sense that I at least tried. It's like gambling, except I know the money's going to stay in my pocket. Of course I don't bid any higher than I'll actually pay, I'm not going to do that crap to someone.

    I recently bid on the '84 Tecate on there, and was the highest bidder for a bout five minutes. What a rush. I almost had my first Tecate!
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