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Thread: Predator Swap

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    Predator Swap

    Curious about "predator" swap in trikes - anyone attempt? Online I've seen a few quads done...

    I have an 86 trx 70... and got an Honda gx160 laid in the frame with torque convertor .... kind of fits... but I haven't bolted anything down.

    I also wanted to try to out in a go-kart reverse box ..

    The motor fits better when the head is to the front, but then the shaft is on the other side and turning the wrong way. I can swap the axle sprocket side, but could also make a jack shaft and bring the drive sprocket to the left side , and then drive the reverse box and drive the axle. This fits ok.. but then the air filter and exhaust kinda sketchy with the stock plastics...... anyhoooo

    I might just get a chinese bolt-in for the trx, then thought maybe the gx160 can be put in a roller trike...

    Anyone seen it? How do the ebay torque-convertors perform? With the gx style motors in a 110/125 would need to make a subframe below the motor..

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    ive seen a few of the chinese off brand engine swap that are almost bolt in and go. the piranha 140 makes any little 70/90/110 turn into a wheelie monster. the intake manifolds are the issue depending on the chassis. as for the torque converter maybe someone else has played with those.
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    I've seen several attempts, it usually involves ruining a perfectly good frame. They can be found in your local classifieds, usually unfinished, usually with a price that matches an unmolested one.

    The go-kart type torque converters are bulky, not real sure where you'd put one without having it in the way of your feet. The 50/70 style clone engines are the go-to for a reason, they work. I understand using what you've got on hand, but is it really worth the effort to put a square peg in a round hole?
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