So I did all the body work on my tins and whats left of the damage is it needs new front forks and trees. Also the rear brake pedal took a hit and scrape and I have to check to see if the mounting bolts are broken as it is wobbles around. I will most likely have to replace the entire rear foot brake. It has forward controls. I will most likely go with the Frankenstein Trike Kit. This will be my first street trike and I will take any and all advice as this is the best place for 3 wheelers on the web. Yeah this is bikersville forum and it is a motorcycle for now. Soon to be a 3 wheeler. Hope to hear as many as possible for your input. I have been riding street bikes since 1978 and it took all this time for a deer to jump in front of the bike. Lucky and grateful to be alive but man am I messed up. Anyway speak you guys soon. Have a good summer.