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Thread: KLT 250cc wont start

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    Oct 2021

    Angry KLT 250cc wont start

    Purchased a KLT250cc 1983 trike that apparently sat for 5 years and is in mint condition. It ran when the guy sold it to me for a couple of weeks. Then it just wouldn't start so I ended up changing the oil, oil filter, spark plug and running sea foam through the gas tank. It worked fine for the summer but the last month it just stopped working again. It seemed that it was a dead battery issue so I bought a new battery. It started up for a second and then cut out. I changed the spark plug again, checked the carburetor and cleaned it, played with the idle screw and air screw and nothing seems to work. I don't know what else to check? Any thoughts?

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    Jun 2022
    I'm having similar problems with my '84 KLT 250. New plug, new coil, new cdi module, I had to put new fuel lines on and got a new battery. Ever get your issue figured out?

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