about 3 years ago my trike just stopped while I was driving it. I thought it had run out of gas so I filled up but it won't run. I can leave it for 6 months, walk up to it and pull the cord and it starts and runs for about 3 seconds and quits. I have to let it sit for 20 minutes and then do the same thing and get the same results. Sounds like it isn't getting any gas but when I pull the gas line off the carb the gas pours out of the line. I have taken as much of the carb apart as I can, watched youtube videos etc and cleaned up everything I can and the small holes but I can't get the carb completely off because the choke cable will not come out of the carb no matter what I do. I can unscrew the fitting but the cable will not come out. I bought a side by side to replace it for hauling wood but still want to get this trike going to access the narrow trails on my property. I quizzed a mechanic friend of mine on our way to hockey a few nights ago and he said he just rebuilt a moto 4 and bought a chinese carb that works fine. I'm up for that except I haven't been able to locate a choke cable for sale online and I feel I would have to break it to get it out. That's what he did with the moto 4 choke cable. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Regards.