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Thread: Looking for who bought from (3D) Bob Dixion "Joker ATC Frames" company

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    Cool Looking for who bought from (3D) Bob Dixion "Joker ATC Frames" company

    Hello there, I`m trying to find out who bought everything pertaining to Bob Dixion`s 3D Joker ATC Frames, I grew up 3 doors down from the Dixion`s (Bob, Tracy and Brent), Iv`e known them most all of my life, but I have one of Bob`s Joker Suspension Frames, in fact it`s one of Tracy`s old Race bikes, but Bob passed a few years back and iv`e talked to Tracy and Brent about who bought everything and they just know it was someone in Florida, i`m trying to find how has it now because I`m in need of a swing arm for it, Iv`e gone threw everything on it but need a sing arm, it still has the 90cc motor that`s pumped to a 195cc and runs on stright Methanol, if anybody can help it would made me so much happier to have this project done, it`s been years, ty very much, Robert c/o Robert Hernandez Construction

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    Got any pictures of your joker frame ?
    Iíve bought plenty out of California but it been a few years .
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