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Thread: New Member France

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    Dec 2022

    New Member France

    Bonjour from France

    Been a shadow troll of this forum over the last few years so thought id join up

    ATC70 was my first bike in early 90s , abandoned pulled from scrap if I remember rightly but somehow it ran and gave some of the best teenage memories and my parents some of the worst !

    Proud owner of 4 trikes at present : a couple of ATC 70 for my kids

    An 86 200x that i had for a few years and recently bit the bullit and jumped on a deal for an 86 350x which are f**king rare in europe. it needs some love but is all there and goes hard. will do all fork bushes and stuff next summer .

    will post a couple of pictures of all bikes when I work out how

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    Jul 2010
    Thanks for sharing. Many people have fond memories of riding trikes as youngsters and revisit earlier days later in life. If that's the case.

    Your post seems very American. Have you spent much time here?
    The story of three wheels and a man...

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