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Thread: 3rd gen 250r 3d printed air box covers?

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    3rd gen 250r 3d printed air box covers?

    It seems like every 250r I find itís always missing the air box cover or they put 20 holes in the cover and if you wanna get one they cost ya an arm and a leg. I donít have the money or time but somebody needs to 3d print these covers they probably make some good money.
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    I have a scanner and several printers. If someone sent me one I could scan it and make copies.

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    A few months back i saw 3D printed air box lids on Ebay for a 350X. I never looked for the 250R.
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    I'm currently doing a pretty extensive rebuild of my friend's 85 R and was surprised to see his airbox lid, fully intact, still on the bike. There are 2 small holes (less than 1/4") in it near the front and a small spot where something rubbed against it for a while. But it's otherwise functionally OEM. I told him that if he wanted to have a little extra cash to go towards his rebuild that he should sell it.

    Maybe someone should get a hold of a good condition one and go through the process of reproducing some through injection molding. there's definitely enough of a market to make the investment worthwhile in my opinion.

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    I have bought a few items from the ebay seller: printiful_3d . He is from Canada. He's doing some nice 3-D printing of big red parts - fender guards and such. He's responsive to messages if anyone wanted to reach out.
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    I was surprised to see a unmolested airbox and lid on my latest 85 250r. I was actually surprised at how unmolested the whole trike was. jim
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    I can say that the guy who runs printful_3D is a big name in the Facebook crowds and has a good reputation. He does a lot of different products. I have a pair of 250ES tail light gaskets on order from him.

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    Something to be careful with is copyrights, I believe someone on ebay was 3D printing preproduction honda parts, he was approached by Honda and forced to stop, am I remembering this correctly?

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    I can get you in touch with someone that probably has one if your on Facebook, PM me and I will give you his contact info.
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    BTW MrC Just saw your last video (84 250R)and absolutely loved it. I had one (83) that was hellbent on killing me when I was a kid.

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