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Thread: WIW ATC Cover

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    WIW ATC Cover

    I have a NOS body cover PN: 0Y361-95800 in the box. Not sure what it's worth. What's a fair or reasonable price?
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    DO NOT send any thing to whats his face (dirt-face/crasher) here on the board. What a scum bag. He screwed (stole) money from me and screwed me on my ME360 and Hondaline 300R engine rebuilds.

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    Hi John, I have no problem with you whatsoever. Have you ever shared the entire story with anyone?? Or do you just hope that someone may read your sig and think I'm a bad guy??

    You sent me 2 air cooled 250R motors, other parts for them and then ghosted me for well over a year, if not 2 years.

    You sent me 200$ cash (down payment) duct taped under the cooler lid along with all your motors/parts which I immediately tore down, cleaned, gave you a parts list, prepped to build and you refused to answer your phone, emails or private messages thereafter. Never had I been more frustrated with a customer.

    You promised to send me the gaskets, pistons, cranks, rivets for the clutch baskets, etc etc but never sent me a single solitary other item. I left you dozens of messages month after month, begging you to please contact me so I could build the motors.

    Finally, at 3AM one evening out of the blue, as I was cold calling you constantly, you answered your phone and I told you to send me labels to get your parts out of my shop. You're only response was "I've been going thru a divorce".

    I sent you back every single part, right down to your rare clutch baskets and other special air cooled parts that you explained you were buying while others were buying liquid cooled parts.

    I did not keep a single item, you got back everything. I did all the teardown, cleaning, research, prep work etc, what did you want back? 50$? 100$? How much is just one hour of labor at any shop? What about storage? If I were to "screw" you, I'd have taken your precious Hondaline kits, yet I sent ever piece back. Get over yourself...

    For you to come on here, 15 years later, try to tarnish my reputation in your signature while you brag about owning all these machines worth 100K or more, it's pathetic.

    The even better part to all of this is that when you contacted me to build these motors, you told me a guy in California had screwed you over because he had your motors for years, and he never did anything to them. Do you see a pattern? I do.

    You are the only person in history that's been unhappy with me, I've done hundreds of jobs since I dealt with you without a single complaint.

    Nothing you say affects the work I've been doing since then or will do in the future, you're never at fault are you?? AKA - a NARCISSIST, you're full of yourself. It's even more laughable that this is over 200$ when you boast about what you own so well. What was fair for my time, my storage and work John? 200$? 150$? 100$? 10$? You're the type of person that can never do any wrong nor admit to it, it's always someone else's fault.

    PS - I think you know what you cover is worth, quit fishing. Take care of yourself...
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    What does Paul Harvey say about the rest of the story?

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