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Thread: Vintage Skidoo info

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    Vintage Skidoo info

    I've been trying to find out the year and make of a old skidoo I picked up a few years ago. It is a single ski twin track with a 250cc Rotax engine which i don't believe it is original motor. I can't find a vin tag on it. I need the rollers and drive wheels on this unit nobody around here deals in snowmobile parts. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I think you can find it in Amazon.

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    Ski Doo Alpine?

    Lots of the older Ski-Doo vin tags were on the rear of the tunnel.

    You could go to some one of the vintage Ski-Doo forums and maybe get some help.
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    Ding ding Scooter, definitely sounds like an Alpine.

    Just like our 3WW Community, I would join "DooTalk". https://www.dootalk.com/forums/vintage-ski-doos.8/

    I bet those parts were on a variety of machines. 250cc does seem small but that was probably built when a 440 was the biggest around.
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