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Thread: Reposting my thread? Tri Moto HELP

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    Reposting my thread? Tri Moto HELP

    No idea why my thread was closed? So I'm going to repost it anybody with any ideas here throw me a bone...
    Heya everyone, I could use some help here.
    What I have is a Yamaha Tri Moto, shaft drive. Don't know the size think it's a 225? A friend picked it up for me from a farm, where it sat in a field for 22 years.
    Lady said it was her ex husband's...lol
    Was occupied my mice sirgil,snorkel and huge massive wasp nests.
    I took carb off , cleaned it.
    2.) New plug
    3.) New battery
    4.) Changed fluids
    5. ) Rotated motor after soaking w marvel mystery oil .

    Anyways..When I turn key on...nuthin..no lights , no starter.
    I looked at wires..dint see any mouse damage?
    What can I do to test start this thing

    I called two ATV shops and they both said trash the bike, it will never stop..the electronics are likely ruined and there's no way to get a replacement?
    This thing is cool as Fck..
    Big Ol Fat tires, Huge racks, trailer hitch..I'd love to get it running ..

    WHAT DO THE EXPERTS HERE SAY, AND ADVICE.. ANY IDEAS. Tell me what to do & I'll try it

    Thanks in advance
    I need all the help I can get!

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    I believe that the electric start models have a main fuse. That would be a place to start. After that, I'd check to make sure that the battery cables are attached on both ends.

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    If you want to get it running before you dump too much time or money in it, get a 12 volt battery and some cables. Negative to ground, positive directly to the starter. It should turn over. Thatís how I got my 225dx running.

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    Clean the ground points as well!

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    I'm guessing you asked in hopes of a simple, low labor, magic answer. There isn't one for something like that.

    ATV shops won't touch it because it'd be a $1,000 labor bill, which they rightfully presume you're not willing to pay. They don't stay in business by doing favors, nor should they be expected to.

    If you really want to fix it, process of elimination is the route. Deviate from that and you'll waste time and keep chasing your tail.

    Start by getting a wiring diagram. You can probably find one for free. Next is to have a good battery, connect one end, positive or negative, it doesn't matter, to one end of a wire then a test light to the other. Not a LED test light, the old style ones with a bulb. If the wire will carry enough current to light the bulb, it's good. Do that for every wire (there's not that many) then move on to switches if there's no fault in the wire.

    With something that neglected and old, there's no other reasonable way other than taking a wild assed leaping guess and hoping to get lucky.

    You already wasted time and money with the things you done. Time to get serious or trash it.
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    You need to invest in a test light, ohm meter and download the service manual or at least the wiring diagram.

    hook up a battery or a battery charger to the main positive and negatives leads.
    now start probing, follow the power out of the battery, DO NOT JAB the wire, go to the next connection, unplug, clean, test and
    if you have currant proceed to the next junction or device.

    Does it have a pull start? turn the key to on and pull the rope, does anything light up?

    I always follow this formula
    find spark
    verify compression
    verify timing
    add fuel/air

    I do all this before I spend any real money, sorry to say, not all machine are worth saving.

    Good Luck
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