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Thread: 01 600 grizzly no start

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    01 600 grizzly no start

    Always ran good ' 6 months ago it wouldnt turn over even by jumping selonoid. replaced selonoid and still wouldnt turn over. jump selonoid from battery turn over but no spark. Today turned kill switch off and hit starter button and it started ? any ideas ?
    our original 85 we bought new, 2 - 86 police specials
    250r dust runner
    04 Yamaha kodiaK 450 snowbuster ! Brute Force 750 dust collector .
    Bunch of es stuff I been buying for next builds....
    Gone but lives on in my aching body the mighty 350x collection . A Beat 85 es im gonna rebuild

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    I haven't worked on the year Grizzly, or any for that I remember, certainly not with that problem, but I did see there's a diode in the wire harness.

    Those are typically used to tie the safety systems together, functionally. It's usually just there to prevent power back feeding between things like neutral, reverse, brake applied, and other safety systems that share a common ground or power.

    Again, I don't know if that's why it there on your quad, but it's easy enough (depending on location) to remove and test. On yours it looks like a small relay, with only two terminals.

    When they go on the fritz it can cause a no-start or/and weird things to happen.

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