I recently acquired an 84 atc 110, the wiring harness was butchered and then I realized it has an atc110 points motor swapped onto it. I did some research and someone said to try and find an atc 90 points harness and ignition coil with the condenser. I picked a harness up and a coil with condenser and tried to mount the older style atc90 coil where the 84 atc110 coil went but it mounted differently, nevertheless I was able to bolt one side down and tried to run the atc90 harness to the 110 motor, I am still getting no spark.. I hooked a test light to the stator wire and it will light the test light when I spin the motor over. I think the ignition coil could be the culprit, any tests I can do to my stator and my ignition coil to rule them out ? Any help is greatly appreciated.