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Thread: 200ES Smoking

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    200ES Smoking

    My '84 200ES has an issue with oil burning on startup and subsided after a few minutes. Last winter I had the head off to change the valve seals and also the side cover to replace the chain and guides while engine was out of frame. I did note a tiny bit of play back and forth when I rocked the valve in the guide. Compared to the intake which had no play. Did not think too much of it and reinstall with new valve seals installed. Got the engine back together and it now the frequency of how often it smokes on startup has dropped significantly but it still smokes sometimes on startup. Also sometimes there's a very light haze while running at operating temperature. Compression is good (I forget exact number but it is difficult to pull over by hand) Rings are not seized and look good. Cylinder still has crosshatches. Like I said it is now intermittently smoking on startup and 98% of the time goes away within a few minutes so I cannot see it being piston/ring/cylinder related. Am I looking at possible worn valve guide? Thanks for any input
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    If you never had the head redone than its well over due. I won't even trust a 40yo motor anymore. Most of these 2 valve heads can get rebuild fully for under $200. Recutting valve seats to match the head is a big one to seal. Most need more then lapping compound which everyone chooses. Guides and seals can wear out. Once I open a motor head gets sent out and redone, cylinder get honed or bored to next size depending on piston gap. Opening and motor to fix 1 issue is not cost effective once you already opened it. Hope that helps.

    I have KB5ind.com do my heads and cylinder work. I do the rest of the motor. The support a race team so it's more then some backyard Joe wrenching lol

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    The owner of the shop I use told me that these little Honda 4 strokes are known for burnt exhaust valves. YMMV

    I do the same as oldskool. Open a motor, everything gets done.
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